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How far in advance do I need to reserve a bounce house?
 ASAP! As soon as you have a confirmed date for your party or event, we highly recommend that you call us and make your reservation. Don't wait! There's nothing worse than getting your party organized, then calling up to book a bounce house, and finding that the one you want is not available or possibly none of them are available. 

Is there a deposit? 
There is a rental deposit of $50.00 required.You can pay with credit card over the phone Visa, Mastercard or Discover or you can send us a check or money order. Remaining balance is due at time of delivery.

What kind of area can your bounce house be set up in? 
A level grassy area is best. If the set up site is on grass, we ask that you clean up and clear the area prior to setup. The area must be as flat as possible with only gradual slopes and be within 100 feet of a power source. Please call us with any questions about the area you want to use. 

How much space do I need for your bounce house? 
We recommend at least three feet of clearance on all sides of the bouncehouses.  For sizes of bouncehouses, please refer to the inflatables page of this website.  The area requires at least 18 foot overhead clearance (no branches or power lines). 

Can bounce houses be setup indoors? 
Yes, bounce houses can be setup indoors provided there is enough ceiling clearance. Gyms, auditoriums and other large halls are perfect. 

Are the bounce houses safe?
Our bounce houses are constructed and set up to be as safe as possible. An adult should supervise all play activity. All bounce houses have netting on all sides for safety and to allow for visibility and air circulation. All of our bounce houses also have an entrance step for easier and safer entry and exit of the bounce house. Bounce houses are very safe, as long as all the rules are followed. Bumps and bruises occasionally can be expected. Most injuries are caused by or happen to unsupervised children. When children are supervised at all times, and the rules are enforced, bounce houses can be a very safe and fun experience! 

How often are the bounce houses cleaned? 
Our bounce houses our cleaned and sanitized after every rental. 

What if there is inclement weather on the day of my bounce house rental?
For safety reasons, we will not be able to set up the bounce house outside if there is rain or high wind or in temperatures below 40 degrees.  If the weather does not cooperate for the planned day or your rental, you can reschedule your reservation to another day or cancel, with a complete refund of your deposit.  

What if it rains after the bounce house has been rented? 
Weather is sometimes unpredictable. All the bounce houses can get wet and it will not damage them. If it starts raining you will want to get the kids out until it stops. You'll also want to shut off the electric blower and let it deflate. As soon as it stops raining you can turn the electric blower back on and let the kids start bouncing again.  

How many children can bounce at a time? 
Our bounce houses have a maximum weight constraint of 1000 lbs.  As a guide line: Ages 2 to 8 ....... 8 to 10 children (depending on size) Ages 9 to 12 .......6 or 7 children Ages 13 to 16 .....4 to 6 children However keep in mind that similar sized children MUST play on the unit at the same time, REGARDLESS of age. Different sized children must not be mixed. Please remember, the above is a guideline only. It all depends on the size of the children, and how active they are. 

Can we use silly string?
No silly string is not permitted. If it is sprayed on the bounce house accidentally, it will melt into the vinyl and permantely damage the inflatable. It cannot be removed. It melts into it. There will be a $200 charge if used on the inflatable. 

Do I need any special equipment for Bounce Kingdom to setup at my location? 
We come equipped with all the necessary equipment: extension cords, tarps, etc. The blower(s) run off a standard 110-volt outlet, which must be within 100 feet of where you would like the inflatable. If you do not have an outlet available to plug the blower into, we do have generators available for an additional $45.00 which includes gas.  We do ask that you have the area where you want the bounce house setup clean of rocks and other sharp objects. 

What if I need to cancel my reservation?
We will gladly refund your deposit if your cancellation is at least 2 weeks prior to the reservation date.  If you need to cancel within a 14 day window, your deposit will be forfeited, but can be applied towards a future rental.  However, if the cancellation is made on the day of the rental due to inclement weather, such as rain or high winds, we will fully refund your deposit or reschedule for  a different day. 

What are the bounce house rules?
Adult supervision is required at ALL times.  No shoes, eyeglasses, food, gum, candy, or drinks. No climbing on the walls or netting. No flipping, somersaults, wrestling, or fighting. And as mentioned above, no silly string!

What areas do you deliver to? 
We can deliver to any area in Erie or Niagara counties.

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Bounce Kingdom is a locally owned and operated inflatable rental company offering themed bounce houses for birthday parties, children's festivals, family reunions and other special events. We are fully licensed and insured and have advanced safety certification on the proper setup and operation of our inflatable units. Our goal is to provide a fun, safe and worry-free experience for our customers and assure that all equipment is cleaned before every use to further insure a positive experience.